Arts Café

Best Practice, workshops, lectures, discussions and demonstrations on a variety of topics pertaining to the arts held at locations throughout the County, including many in collaboration with the Art of Health & Healing, an organization of the County Health Department.

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What would Art Look Like in Pittsburg, Guest speaker Jason Griego                   January 18, 2017

What kinds of events would enhance living in Pittsburg— Arts— Music—Street performers or community gardens? Join other community members January 18 to share your ideas.

Meet Pittsburg resident, artist, and internationally known sculptor, Jason Griego who will share some of his graceful, thought-provoking sculptures of resin, bone and bronze. Put together by Creative Pittsburg, the event will introduce a new grassroots community organization with the goal of encouraging and organizing fun arts and culture activities for Pittsburg.

“Creative Pittsburg is a cooperative intended to harness innovative thoughts about how to

create a quality sense of community and place,” says Sheila Smith, who is organizing the event,

and rounding up support for more community events. “ Creative Pittsburg supports the role of

the arts in developing a vibrant community that embraces innovation, creativity and action to

help transform Pittsburg into a place where residents are proud to live, work and play.

“Everyone is invited, of every age, to bring their ideas, make new friends to collaborate and

envision the future of the community,” says Smith.

The Art and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County is sponsoring the Arts Cafe’. Also supporting the effort to brings more arts programming to Pittsburg is the Local Routes Foundation; the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburg; the Pittsburg Art and Community Foundation; Croskey Real Estate, and Jason Griego, whose work can be seen at . For further information, write to Smith at .

AC5 Arts Café: What would Art Look Like in Pittsburg, Guest speaker Jason Griego

January 18, 5:30 pm to 7:00pm

Croskey Real Estate, 745 Railroad Avenue, Pittsburg

Free to the public